Reality of Shirk

Shāykh Abdullah b. Abdur-Rahmān Abā Butāyn رحمه الله  said;

“So whoever directs anything from the ‘Ibādah (worship) to other than Allāh – This is the Shirk Al-Akbar which Allāh do not forgive. (Allāh) تعالى said;

{إن الله لا يغفر أن يشرك به ويغفر ما دون ذلك لمن يشاء}

“Surely Allāh does not forgive that anything should be associated with him, and He forgives what is besides that to whomever He pleases”

So whoever claims Allāh forgives him – he has indeed rejected the Khabar of Allāh سبحانه.”

  • [Al-Durar Al-Saniyyah 10/391]

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