Ādam was created in the Image of Ar-Rahmān

*And Abu Muhammad Abdullah b. Salih al-bukhari reported to us, who said, Ishaq b. Ibrahim al-marwaziy reported to us who said, Jarir b. Abdul Hameed reported to us from Al-A’mash (who reported) from Habeeb b. Abī Thaabith (who reported) from ‘Atā’ (who reported) from Ibn ‘Umar who said; The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said :

لا تقبحوا الوجه فإن آدم خلق على سورة الرحمن عز وجل
“Do not insult the face (saying it’s ugly), because Adam was created in the Image of Ar-Rahmaan عز وجل”.

Muhammad bnu al-Husayn رحمه الله said;

“This is from the Sunan that which the Muslims are obliged to have Eeman in, and it should not be said “how?” And “why?” Rather it has to be accepted by surrendering and affirming, and by abandoning looking into it, just as those who preceded from the Imams of the Muslimeen said.”*

– الشريعة للآجري


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